Yahoo adult chat room and cybercrimes

For instance, theft committed in the physical world cannot be compared to that of cyberspace.

Reasons being the mode of committing is complex, hence, when it comes time for the prosecution to proof beyond reasonable doubt it is involves a higher of forensics.

Types of Computer crimes or cybercrimes Computer crime essentially encompasses two types of unlawful activity.

First, computer-related crime consists of conduct that targets a computer or a computer system. Yasin acknowledges only two types of computer crimes, while Edward opines that there are three types of computer crime.

Most scholars have defined the term cybercrime using different terms, and there is no specific diction utilized to define the term cybercrime.

A reason for this is that, as days go by, the cybercrimes keep on advancing.

With regards to that, the computer he utilized was the tool of the crime, the system or computer he hacked was the targeted computer, and thereon if he stored the information as to how he received money from the account that computer will be also the repository of the evidence of the crime.

Crimes against the Computer Attacks on networks, including hacking, denial of service attacks, and virus dissemination, fall into this category (Lewis, 2004).

Most of the crimes that fall under this section are regarded as those of monetary gain: forgery, embezzlement, theft et al.

Well, cybercrime is not all about computer hacking, there are many types of cybercrimes in existence, that one may commit unknowingly.

However, that should not scare you off, in this discussion paper, one will be able to differentiate the types of cybercrimes, and/or the electronic gadgets oriented crimes.

However, it is not provided anywhere that the crimes occur in singularity.

The three crimes can take effect at one setting by one perpetrator.

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