Xbox repair status not updating

We’re seeing some users complain about Anthem download problems on PC, and there are also some issues on Xbox One and PS4.On PC, some users say they are getting stuck at 42%.This guide will show you how to fix Anthem problems on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

This can often get a better connection and speed things up.

Keep in mind that sometimes a game needs a little space on your internal drive, even if you are installing it to an external drive.

Here are the best Xbox One hard drives and best PS4 hard drives to add more space without buying a new console or deleting a game.

Another thing to try is connecting your console to the Internet with a wired connection instead of wirelessly, even if you only do this for the download it should make things go faster.

If all else fails, restart your console or computer and your router and try it all again.

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