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First date suggestions First dates can no doubt be taxing, but they can also be very enjoyable.Damer suggests being relaxed, not over or under dressed, and meeting in a setting that is conducive to getting to know your date.Consider that smoking may also be a turn-off for your date.“All of these things can have a big impact on how you are perceived,” Damer says.At the same, Muriel, a 74-year-old widow, was also undergoing dialysis. “I made tea for my wife and eventually made tea for Muriel. After my wife passed away, I continued to visit the hospital and talk to Muriel.

Only do things that make you feel comfortable and go to places that put you at ease.

Consider joining a group or club that participates in activities you enjoy, such as a walking group, a senior center, a painting class or choral group.

Chances are there are others looking for companionship within these groups.

One of the biggest challenges seniors face when dating is the attitude of their children, Damer said.

While some adult children are open to their parent dating again, others may feel threatened or disrespected.

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