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Take care that, there may be spoilers in the description.

The English translations here may or may not be consistent with the existing translation of the comic.

A lot of the same rules apply, and you would like to see some good Venus and Jupiter, and less hard aspects.

If there is any translations made in the Chinese Dong Hua subtitles, please do not hesitate and use the translations from the Dong Hua.Their main economic profits come from the love renewal service and tourism. In the nights of full moon, when their body touches the rainwater, they will become trees and cannot move anymore. She has become a lawful matchmaker with the help of Bai Yue Chu, who later becomes the exclusive partner of her in executing matchmaking tasks.They were using a certain kind of perfume that is poisonous for the insect families, and they later improved it to be harmless. A young Taoist who is stingy about money but cares about Tushan Susu, has an ordinary appearance but an extraordinary magic power and has a mysterious relationship with people in Nation of Aolai. The young master of the Wang Family, which is a major family in Yi Qi Dao League.The basic policies of the naming are: Therefore, direct transliteration is avoided whenever possible (except for names of characters).For the Chinese names, the policy is to keep the original ordering -- family name first.

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