Who is snsd sooyoung dating

I’m happy they have admitted it now just so I can gush about how cute this couple is, other and I find them adorable and so cute together.Sports Seoul broke the dating story today by serving up the usual grainy “date photos” as proof.Choi Soo-young (born February 10, 1990), commonly known as Sooyoung (수영), is a South Korean actress and singer.Sooyoung made her singing debut in the Korean-Japanese girl group, Route 0, which was active from 2002 until 2003.T-T Please make more drama or movie to her cause I'm in love with her acting and her fashion huehehehe.

The fact that they belong to the same church and are spending holidays with family members bolsters the timing of their dating to quite a ways back rather than recently like Yoona and Seung Gi.If that wasn’t a shout-out to his honey Sooyoung then I don’t know how much more obvious he could get without stating it in big bold letters.I’m so happy for this couple and blame it on the nature of K-fans for causing entertainers to want to lie about their personal lives so no annoyance from me that these two tried weaseling out of their dating news before. Even better – star in a drama with two sets OTPs and the girls can play sisters!I guess the third time’s the charm, or SM has already opened the floodgates by confirming the Lee Seung Gi–Yoona dating news, but today comes the second confirmed celebrity couple of 2014.Jung Kyung Ho, who admitted last Fall that he’s dating someone but claimed it was a non-industry girlfriend, is in fact dating his long rumored celebrity significant other Sooyoung.

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