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She is also not currently involved in any dating scandals. Cynthia Rhodes is a retired American actress, dancer, and singer, known for her roles in films such as ‘Flashdance’ and ‘Dirty Dancing’.Rhodes has also worked as a dancer in several music videos.She used to be a dancer for the rock band ‘The Tubes’.Rhodes gained popularity for her performance in the film ‘Staying Alive’, which was directed by Sylvester Stallone. Though the film was heavily criticized, it was a commercial success. Some of her other roles were in the American romantic drama film ‘Flashdance’ and ‘Curse of the Crystal Eye’.A conservative and religious lady, she did not appear in many films in her career as she refused to do risqué roles or perform nude scenes.

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The fact that they didn’t ride in company cars but drove their own cars made people suspicious. On August 1, suddenly, Kim Hyun-joo and Lee Dong-wook disappeared after they finished filming. “It’s true that they are very close with each other now, but they are not dating.” Lee Dong-wook’s agency also said that Lee Dong-wook often hangs out with his co-workers for a meal or drinks, and it is not just Kim Hyun-joo. Some people believe a woman should be married by that age for health reasons.She told reporters, “So Ji-sub is just an actor I have a good rhythm with.” And, she requested, “Please don’t look at the fact that we’re shooting the SBS drama together.” Kim Hyun-joo also said, “It’s true that we dated each other happily, and even after we broke up, we’re still good friends.” She added, “I do feel pressured about this reunion that we didn’t intend, but we will ignore all that and devote ourselves to showing a professional attitude in regards to acting.” But, in another interview, So Ji-sub stated that Kim Hyun-joo is the only female friend he has. We make phone calls sometimes, we are the same age, and so we get along as close friends.” He added, “I had scandals with Hyun-joo a few times.I think the reason is Hyun-joo is the only female I keep a close relationship with.” Then, he was asked how they became close, but he didn’t explain concretely. I think we became close due to the scandals.” The two of them said something different.and also worked on star trek vyager as ensign lyndsay ballard.Kim Hyun-joo is an actress who was born on April 24, 1977. She has been active as an actress for 22 years and has starred in many dramas and movies.

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