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Her career received a huge boost when he released her 2012 comedy album, about her cancer diagnosis. Becky was upset that the women were talking openly about the incident. “It makes me into a moron.”Tig Notaro, the comedian whose Amazon series, “One Mississippi,” lists Louis C. as an executive producer, is one of the few in the fiercely insular comedy world to speak out against him. Wolov said that when they told others about the incident in the Colorado hotel room, they heard that Louis C. K.’s manager, Dave Becky, was adamant in an email that he “never threatened anyone.”For comedians, the professional environment is informal: profanity and raunch that would be far out of line in most workplaces are common, and personal foibles — the weirder the better — are routinely mined for material. K.’s behavior was abusive, the women said.“I think the line gets crossed when you take all your clothes off and start masturbating,” Ms. K., a guest star, approached her as she was walking to the set. K.’s hotel, “we could already feel the backlash.”Soon after, they said they understood from their managers that Mr. K’s manager, wanted them to stop telling people about their encounter with Louis C. Lee Kernis, one of the women’s managers at the time, confirmed on Thursday that he had a conversation in which he told Mr. Her fear is that “he released my album to cover his tracks,” she said.

“I think the big piece of why I said yes was because of the culture,” she continued. Schachner’s former boyfriend was a comedy writer who had worked with Louis C. The call went on for several minutes, even though, Ms. Schachner said, she felt angry and betrayed by an artist she looked up to.

She starred in the Broadway show A Life and won critical acclaim in 1983 in Nicholas Kazan's off-Broadway Blood Moon, where The New York Times cited her "skillful verisimilitude" handling a difficult part requiring two roles "and she does them both with authority." Delany moved to Hollywood and during the next few years found work guest starring in TV shows like Moonlighting and Magnum, P. "They thought I wasn't pretty enough", she said in an interview.

She finally won the role after she showed up to her next audition with her "long tresses cut into a bob" after the producers lost their first choice (she had cut her hair at the request of director Paul Schrader who had cast her in the film Patty Hearst).

“I don’t recall the exact specifics of the conversation, but know I never threatened anyone,” he wrote by email on Thursday. “Just the constant perverted sexual thoughts,” he says, then mimes masturbating.

“I’m on the streets now,” he says, “I’ve got nowhere to go.” In another bit he laments being a prisoner of his perversions.

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