Who is cherry jones dating dating personals rhode island

, Cherry plays a women’s studies professor based on legendary lesbian poet Eileen Myles.We spoke with the Tony Award-winning actress about getting called for the part and the great news that she just married actress Sophie Huber this summer. There’s also a few shots of the lovebirds looking cozy at recent events.

In Taylor’s November interview with WNYC’s “Death, Sex and Money” podcast, she described her current romance as the first truly life-altering relationship she’s had.“I am understood by the person who loves me before I am understood by myself,” Taylor said.

Paulson opened up about her 2-year relationship with Holland in Modern Luxury's June cover story, confirming the couple is still going strong, despite receiving harsh criticism over their 32-year age gap.“If anyone wants to spend any time thinking I’m strange for loving the most spectacular person on the planet, then that’s their problem,” she told Modern Luxury, according to People.

“I’m doing just fine.”The pair met during a dinner party more than a decade ago when Paulson was dating actress Cherry Jones, who is 18 years older.

“I couldn’t help but feel a kind of kinship in terms of being looked at,” she explained.

“But there was so much celebration about my relationship.

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