Who is bryce gruber dating

The season premiere of 'Millionaire Matchmaker' premiered on Bravo last night (19th October 2010), with PATTI STANGER looking to find the wealthy singles of New York their dream partners. PATTI STANGER, the star of 'Millionaire Matchmaker', has attacked the wealthy people of New York by brandishing them snobs, while calling the millionaire's of Los Angeles 'shallow'.

In an interview with Fancast, the 49-year-old spoke...

So a random dinner in the completely empty, vault-like rooms of the New York Public Library isn't romantic, it's bizarre.

Just cause Carrie Bradshaw thought it was sooo romantic, doesn't mean everyone else will. Girls move to New York for college, to pursue careers in the arts, in fashion, in business.

In defense of the women of our city, we've compiled some things to help Patti get over her apparent culture shock... Some New York Women Have Curly Hair And you can't order them to straighten it. Patti's only qualifications for a match for Bryce were pretty much "Jewish" and "good dad".

Keith is going to make a perfect husband someday, heck, we have friends we'd want to set him up with! Patti got mad at Bryce for acting aloof at the mixer.

But if Patti is gonna work with New York types like Bryce, she has got to learn that "Jewish" and "Good Dad" is just not going to cut it. "asked or expected to put their girlfriends before work. Listen, everyone knows that California girls are much friendlier than New Yorkers! Women here are much too cool to approach guys in gaggles.

We girls like Bryce: ambitious, social, cutthroat, and concerned about appearance. Both genders seem to understand that a relationship needs to be a priority in order for it to work, but neither men nor women in this city are willing to sacrifice their careers (and identities! They're bold enough to make the first move when they feel like it, but confident enough to wait to be approached.

So don't insult our fashion sense, or inflict yours upon us, thank you very much. Women in New York don't have to live vicariously through Sex and the City, because they have their own lives in the city.Bryce may have come off as cold and snobby last night, but the truth is that she and Keith simply weren't a good match for each other. First thing out of Keith's mouth: "I'm intimidated by Bryce." If you're intimidated by us, then it means you think you aren't good enough to date us, and if 6. It's awkward to write about someone's clothes, but we just couldn't let this one slide.And while Bryce's version of "perfection" may be a little bit unattainable, the average New York woman isn't going to settle for just any man who seems responsible and willing to have a girlfriend. We aren't doubting that Kristen, the young woman pictured, is indeed a woman of substance.Also, what are you supposed to talk about on a first date if you can't rely on making observations about the people around you? Women here are very accomplished, and if Patti's dating pool doesn't reflect that, it means most of them are too busy or unwilling to appear on her show; it is certainly in New York...Julianne Moore, Tina Brown, Katie Couric, Ann Dexter-Jones, Christina Hendricks, Elisabeth Moss, Lauren Bush, Diane von Furstenberg, Bethenny Frankel, Coco Rocha, Emily Mortimer, Gwyenth Paltrow, Cindi Lieve, Fabiola Beracasa, Lauren Santo Domingo, Jhumpa Lahiri, Olivia Palermo, Lauren Weisberger, Tina Fey, and the list goes on and on....

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