Who is allen iverson dating

He played for the Hoyas’ during his freshman and sophomore years.Eventually, after his sophomore year was over, Allen decided to forgo his last two years at Georgetown and make himself eligible for the 1996 NBA Draft.Tawanna Turner married to his childhood sweetheart Allen Iverson. After dating for about ten years, the couple tied the knot on August 3, 2001, in a private ceremony attended by families and friends.Unfortunately, Tawanna Turner is not lucky enough when it comes to her married life.Eventually, Iverson received clemency by Douglas Wilder who was Virginia’s Governor and the Virginia Court of Appeals who repealed the conviction for as they said insufficient proofs.Because of the incident, Allen was forced to finish his senior year at Richard Milburn High School (A school for at-risk students).

Moreover, she stands the average height and belongs to a white race.

Tawanna Turner only comes to the limelight due to her rough controversies with Allen Iverson.

Regarding with Tawanna personal life, there is very much information about her birth year, day and the age. She is able to keep the personal details secretive.

On February 14, 1993, at a bowling alley in Hampton, Virginia, Iverson was involved in an accident when he hit a woman with a chair in her head during a fight.

Iverson who was 17 at the time, was arrested and sentenced to 15 years in prison which later was reduced by 10.

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