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Unfortunately, it has been recently removed from most major archives. It covers time between the start of the relationship to Charlie and Ian in their extreme old age. Burn Rate[ edit ] Charlie Eppes: The Art of Reckoning[ edit ] Charlie Eppes: Are we all so bad down here? I feel like I'm in some dream with the ghost Larry, and I just want to wake up and talk to the real guy. The Janus List[ edit ] Ashby: I'm a speed dial away from collapsing this bridge.

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Eppes published his first mathematical treatise at the age of 14 (in the American Journal of Mathematics) and graduated at the age of 16.

D., is a fictional character and one of the protagonists of the CBS crime drama Numb3rs. As a world-class mathematician, Charlie helps his brother Don Eppes solve many of his perplexing FBI cases, sometimes with the help of his best friend, mentor and colleague Larry Fleinhardt and his on-again off-again girlfriend, former student and now wife, Amita Ramanujan, who further refines Charlie's approach and helps him stay focused.

Charles Eppes is portrayed as a young mathematical genius and professor of applied mathematics at the fictional California Institute of Science, Cal Sci (primarily based on Caltech, where some filming and mathematics consulting is done).

They worked far out of the office, seeing only each other for days at a time, etc.

However, most are in the form of series that are composed of drabbles and smaller fics.

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