What does 1st base mean in dating

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This is another term used for someone who’s bisexual.

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Welcome to our reviews of the 1st base dating (also known as race mixing is wrong).

Switch hitter literally means a player that bats from either their left or right side. The only sad thing about these baseball terms is that they haven’t been updated. Back in the 60s when these terms were first created, being gay or lesbian was very “rare” and seen as unusual. If someone is “playing for both teams” this means that you say this person is bisexual. They’re going from their own team to the opposing team.

Though these terms were created in the 60s, they’re actually still highly used today. You can also say, “batting for both teams.” [Read: All the ways to tell the difference between a pansexual and a bisexual] #11 Running the bases.

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