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Unfortunately, none of the three anthologies mentioned cite the date of the first publications of the translations included in them., read in 1986 and published in various formats over the following three years.In it she critically examined and contrasted various Spanish translations of ten Shakespearean sonnets.

This second anthology, devoted entirely to Shakespeare, shows no date of publication (though Par erroneously gives 1920), but may have come out around 1922.

180-182) documented four Spanish verse translations by Miguel Antonio Caro, ten by José de Armas and three by one Julio "Acebal," published in literary journals, as well as eleven by Fernando Maristany, published in his own 1918 anthology.

As far as Alfonso Par is concerned, he did not incorporate Armas or "Acebal" in his , but added two anthologies (pp.

Leaving out the prose renderings by Matías de Velasco, and bringing together the information in Juliá and Par, the list of Spanish verse translators and translated sonnets up to the early 1920s is as follows:(4) According to all this information, between 1892 and ca.

1922 seven translators had produced Spanish translations in sonnet form of thirty-seven different Shakespearean sonnets, of which there were three different renderings of sonnet 29 and two of sonnets 18, 25, 66, 121 and 116.

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