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Turns out, sex creates chemicals that bond a couple together.But that feeling fades, usually after two years or so.Also, I'm a third-year medical student, and every time I see a patient with an unintended pregnancy or an STD, I feel so grateful that I will not have to deal with those problems at this stage in my life.Even with protection, accidents can happen, and as corny as it is, abstinence really is the only way to 100% prevent these things.

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Here, four readers revealed why they decided to wait until marriage... Here, four readers revealed why they decided to wait until marriage...), or if a guy likes me or just wants to get into my pants (double whee! I've been in a relationship for 2 1/2 years and at times it sucks, frankly. But my boyfriend and I have gotten creative and I've probably had as many orgasms as the girls my age who are having sex!SMITTEN READER #2: I am a 24-year-old middle-school English teacher. Then, I waited because I wanted sex to be special and with one person. (Hence the colloquialism, "going all the way.") I don't want to say that with my body unless I have said the same thing with my head and heart. We obviously didn't," says Amanda, 27."Nope dot com. In that instance, I would be doing everything in my power to make sure the guy I'm with is getting the help he needs and we would NOT be getting married until those issues had been dealt with fully," says Diana, 36."I married my first boyfriend (high five, Colleen! Absolutely not OK to wait after marriage, in my opinion.

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