Virgo man dating libra woman

A Virgo man loves to hear things as they are, without frills or fancies so if you have something to tell him, just spit out the truth, as calmly and clearly as you can.Not only will he listen, but he will appreciate your honesty.The emotional maturity of a union between Virgo man and Libra woman is what other couples strive for, especially if you establish strong ground rules early on.

If one of you doesn’t take the plunge, you may never connect at all, as you will both assume the other is not interested.

You are open to exploring varied experiences and you are curious about thoughts on any subject and you are much less judgmental than a Virgo man can be.

Your ruling planet is Venus, the flirtatious goddess of love and beauty but you are not easily fooled by love.

If you explode with anger or try to manipulate him, he won’t appreciate it at all, in fact, he’ll run away as fast as he can.

Virgo men can be strange moody creatures who are highly strung and prone to doodling, fidgeting or strange physical manifestations of discomfort.

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