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I have a order I dropped off at USPS that is stuck in “Package has left seller facility and is in transit to carrier,” its been over a week since I dropped it off and nothing has changed. Deal with PO to get your item back or work through a claim process.I contacted the seller to ask if they got it and maybe the tracking was just not updating, but I heard no response. Have you gone to the usps web site to look for scans of the tracking number.I had a package that took five days to be delivered in the same city, so I wouldn't worry so much.Give it couple more days, and then call the USPS if there is still no update.It created a lot of misunderstanding for my buyers.Also my international shipments now suddenly displayed tracking unavailable for this product ?

I offered to send it forward but they said I could keep it.

It was clear it must've fallen off a truck or been stuck somewhere. If it's first class it's still within its delivery time.

Luckily, the seller was nice enough to resend a new item. Sometimes my tracking isn't updated for days and is being marked delivered.

This is why First-Class Mail over long distances frequently is a 2-day service while First-Class Mail cross-state can be more.

About 6 mo ago an Etsy seller accidentally had my shipping label on the back of another shipping label, and I got their bath product item (we ordered back to back when I looked at the invoices).

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