Uses of radiation dating

This technique has allowed scientists to measure the age of the Earth.In a health context, all emissions from decaying atomic nuclei, whether particles or EMR, tend to be described as radiation, and they are all potentially hazardous.The best-known uses of radioactivity are perhaps in nuclear power stations and in nuclear weapons.The first atomic weapons made use of a runaway chain reaction to release a huge amount of energy in the form of intense heat, light, and ionizing radiation.

This phenomenon can cause one element to turn into another and is partly responsible for the heat of the Earth’s core.

The reverse process can occur where there are too many protons, compared to neutrons.

In other words, a proton turns into a neutron by emitting a positron, which is the positively charged antiparticle of the electron.

Beta decay occurs when a nucleus has too many neutrons for its number of protons.

In this process, a neutron, which is electrically neutral, spontaneously changes into a positively charged proton by emitting a negatively charged electron.

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