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These changes are designed around improving overall password expiration visibility and ease of reset.

We believe that these improvements should ultimately make it easier for end users to understand their password is about to expire, as well as expedite the recovery of their password in the case that it has expired.

In an effort to make password recovery easier, we no longer remove local user accounts from File Vault when a password has expired.

Run this set through the Job "Update/Notify Users" and select the new expiration date.What can be more irritating, however, is when a user’s password isn’t reset and expires, potentially locking them out of critical resources.With Jump Cloud In order to combat lockout, we’ve recently made some improvements to Jump Cloud’s password expiration policy and account lockout behavior.Once their password has been updated, they will no longer see the prompt.In addition to the default notification of password expiration in User Portal, admins can also configure a new optional setting to force users to update their password ahead of expiration.

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