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One of the first activities of the new missionaries at the missionary training center was to go through a ritual called the endowment.

All adult Mormons (if they are deemed worthy enough to get this great blessing) go through this secret ritual in a Mormon temple, and it is also part of the missionary initiation.

But before we started to eat, there came a surprise. The ordinance has also been modified in form from the one performed in temples. " Bronson had another question: "How can you sisters administer an ordinance when you don't even hold the priesthood?

Sister Evans produced a bottle of chianti wine, with four wine glasses. Sister Evans replied, "You will recall that in the previous endowment, sister temple workers did indeed perform sacred ordinances, because they were authorized to do so. You will not regret it, I promise you." Sister Rogers took over: "You will see that this version of the Second Endowment is similar in many ways to the endowment you have already received, but that it also differs in many ways, making it closer to resembling the joys and glories of the Celestial Kingdom. "Then both of you rise and you will have the Law explained to you." Bronson and I stood up.

Devout Mormons are encouraged to go through the endowment as proxy regularly, once a month or even once a week.

A relatively unknown temple ritual - unknown even to many faithful Mormons - is the so-called "Second Endowment" (also called "Second Anointing"), given only by invitation to the very top Mormon leaders and their wives, each couple privately in the "Holy of Holies" room of the temple.

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My mission was in a large city near the east coast of the United States.

Even in her very conservative dresses she was a stunning figure.

She came from the Los Angeles area, and some of the sophistication of that area had penetrated into her in spite of the Mormon shell around her. One important lesson you still have not learned, Elder Bronson, is that there are some things so sacred and so intimate that they are not to be discussed or even revealed to others, to those who would not accept and understand. " "Well, yes, but..." Sister Rogers interrupted him: "This is one of many sacred moments that deserve that respect. Sister Evans, go ahead now and bless the wine." Sister Evans picked up her glass of wine, bowed her head, and said,"O God, the Eternal Father, we ask Thee to bless and sanctify this wine to the souls and bodies of those who partake of it, that they may do so in remembrance of the work of Thy Son, who through the power given to him gave joy and pleasure to many. Sister Evans said, "We are now joined together in the fellowship of the grape! " I noticed that as we ate, Bronson finished his wine, and Sister Evans refilled his glass.

Until then, continue to pray until you are instructed to stop." Bronson and I did as instructed, after giving each other quizzical glances.

I don't think I had ever prayed more fervently and sincerely.

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