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'You're on the edge – I know what that's like, and I don't want you to go through what I did.'Chell wanted to believe this was all real, but it couldn't be. ' He was walking towards her now, his hand still extended. You need some rest.' He paused as she shook her head, sobbing silently in pain. The first tests that studied her tenacity were a complete success, as were the ones designed to study her judgement. The first test in gauging her pain threshold was also successful. well, as I said, it was a failure.'WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER, YOU BASTARD!? Yes, he was furious too, and he wanted to know what had happened to Chell, but Zeus' rage was on a whole different level to his. 'Wheatley saw Zeus turn to look at him, and he could have sworn that he felt Prometheus' gaze turn to him as well.

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She had completely ignored it before, but now she could see that it was simply a plain, square room, with the usual two locked doors. There's no way somebody could follow me like he's being doing! What have you given me to make me feel this insane!? 'With the last ounce of her throat's strength, Chell repeated her statement with a tone of finality.

She had been walking for so long now that she had forgotten to count just how many days and nights had passed her by.

She remembered counting sixteen days and fifteen nights, but that was when night and day began to blur into one long and endless point in time.

It may have been an inanimate object, and it may not have been able to communicate with her, but at least it was sentient and it actually liked her. Gazing further down the forest-lined road, taking note of the heavy cracks and craters in the tarmac, Chell had never felt so lonely. debacle.' A fainter image of him now appeared in her vision, mirroring everything that his real self did perfectly. Chell felt herself begin to move, millimetres travelled in seconds.

But, then again, it was programmed to like everybody. Why else would she go from one huge misery to another if it were not for the fact that people simply hated her? That psychotic computer had tricked her into leaving Aperture, leading her to believe that she had deleted her mother. If the voice in her ear had not been enough to unsettle her, then this certainly would. Yet the scene around her travelled much faster, speeding away into darkness, leaving only the man behind.

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