Updating squirrelmail

Unfortunately, this does not work with all plugins, probably because some of the authors do not conform to coding guidelines, although I have not looked up the cause. This identified the following new plugins for my installation: - SIEVE Mail Filters * install: 1.9.3 * current: 1.9.6 (DEVEL) - Change My SQL Password * install: 3.2 * current: 3.3-1.2 NOTE: a look on revealed that the name of the plugin, it's main features, configuration files etc changed radically between those two versions. - core plugins are shown even though core is set to "hide".

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# cp /etc/squirrelmail/*_/etc/squirrelmail-1.4.6/ STEP 1: IDENTIFY NEW PLUGINS I use the plugin updates (pupdate) plugin for this. Most importantly, configuration files are kept in /etc/squirrelmail. Steps: * create new squirrelmail directories as /usr/share/squirrelmail-1.4.6 and /etc/squirrelmail-1.4.6 so as not to interfere with running version during installation. PL AND TRANSFER CONFIGURATION SETTINGS Transfer all configuration settings between the old and the new A list of plugins is available at the end of this email. ENVIRONMENT DESCRIPTION: Platform: Debian sarge Web: apache 1.3.33 and apache-ssl 1.3.33 Mail: postfix, postfix-tls 2.1.5 IMAP: cyrus 2.1.18 E-mail usernames and passwords are stored in a mysql db. Its functionality is ok, but the web user interface is rather unintuitive, and contains several bugs.

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