Updating roaming info on cell phone

However, in the wake of the UK’s decision to vote to leave the EU, the future of roaming charges is now a lot less certain.

Here we’ll walk you through the different scenarios and the likely outcomes for EU roaming.

After this, it’ll depend on whatever deal the UK government have got for us, but fingers crossed that we’ll leave with a satisfactory roaming agreement.

If we leave the UK without a deal, then EU roaming will no longer be regulated, so mobile providers will be able to charge (or not charge) whatever they like.

You should also be aware that Wi-Fi coverage usually only extends to certain areas of a hotel, such as the lobby or a bar.

So if you’ve got roaming switched on, you could automatically be transferred to a local mobile phone network without warning. Check if your network offers a roaming add-on Most carriers now offer the chance to pay a little bit extra and get an add-on that will provide you an allowance of data, texts and minutes to use abroad. But we heartily recommend you don’t, or risk losing track of your spending and usage. Consider buying a local SIMTo keep the cost of calls and texts messages down, it’s a good idea to buy a local SIM card and top up with pay-as-you-go credit.

Thanks to the current new roaming regulations, you can use your monthly allowances of calls, data and texts while you’re in 28 destinations in the EU for no extra charge. But despite these EU roaming laws, there’s still a chance the unwary can get caught out.

So, if you want to check your work emails or give all your followers holiday envy by posting sunny selfies on Facebook, you won’t have to pay any more than you would at home. For one thing, not everyone knows which countries are in the EU.

In some cases, you can even rack up bills well over £100 if you’re not careful.So once again, you could be in a nasty bill shock if you’re not aware of the cap and exceed the lower limit.Fair usage means networks can cap your roaming data allowance below what you’d get at home.Keep roaming charges to a minimum by following our traveller's tips. Use free Wi-Fi whenever you can Many hotels and café chains now offer wireless internet free of charge.It’s worth noting, however, that some only offer the service free for a limited period, after which time charges apply.

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