Travis wall and allison holker dating

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Throughout her youth, Allison won many competitions including the 2005 National Senior Outstanding Dancer at the New York City Dance Alliance and at the Colorado Dance Nationals in 2004.

Allison has also performed live with Earth, Wind, & Fire and as a cheerleader in the famed Disney Channel movies High School Musical 1 & 2.

Fellow hip-hop expert Comfort was also a member of his nuptial support crew.

My wife intro’d me to him via #sytycd 8 years ago, and we’ve seen his company @shapingsoundco live 2 times. Fo8m M @traviswall I had my 8th grade students watch your “Enough” dance today and respond to it in their journals. Thank you for touching lives through your beautiful gift!Brava, Travis, for making this important statement—via respectful dialogue, no less. Hundreds of ballet boys take to Times Square for a mass ballet class in response to ABC news anchors criticism of male dancers. #SYTYCD KY1 Kudos to @traviswall @robbiefairchild and @fabricecalmels for speaking up and out and being willing to reach out to bridge the gap, educate and unite.An example of what our nation needs to do on a larger scale. He said “and if it’s a boy we can name him Travis and he can show me how to spin on 1 foot!To see all of Allison Holker's performances from Season 2, click here.Allison has taught various different dance conventions and workshops all across the country.

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