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His grey and blue trousers look just like the tapered fit suit trousers from Jack and Jones, which can be found in the Ovie has proven himself to be the villa’s style icon.Not only can that man rock any hat he wants, but he looks great in pretty much any hat as we’ve seen on the show.However, hundreds of Liverpool fans took to Twitter to express their disgust.Justice for the 96 @The Hooded Claw66, tweeted: "So it's a #Bob Marley song and it's managed to get through god knows how many people before it's printed.Likewise, lime green and pink have been the most popular styles for men and women on the show.

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Each of the guys has worn a trucker cap while on the show which are most likely from Anton in the don when it comes to checkered trousers.The firefighter, who comes from Liverpool, donned a fresh shirt during the episode though, so at least he looked good.Michael’s brown checked shirt is a Greg wowed all with his ‘boyfriend material’ shirt in episode 43 (Monday, July 22nd) as he took Harley out on their first date.From his hilarious banter to his emotional breakdowns, Chris completely won over the hearts of viewers. You can bag yourself a pair this summer from Burton for just £6.93!They are available to purchase When Chris left the villa on Wednesday, July 24th, he left a parting gift in the form of his beloved kimono.

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