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Some of the stickers have become so popular that it is even broadcasted on TV and sold as plush toys, clothing, and other merchandise.

Image | Line pop-up store in Bangkok, Thailand LINE has also developed dozens of entertaining mobile games that can be easily downloaded through the App Store and Google Play and most of the games are free. LINE also allows companies and users to create official account pages and provides content, ads, and surveys to other users.

While most of the world relies on Facebook’s Messenger and Whats App as their messaging app, We Chat, LINE, and Kakao Talk have been battling one another for popularity and services in Asia.

This article will explore the popularity and features of each of the three most popular apps in Asia.

Some of the many features We Chat offers include video calling, transferring money and files, paying bills, booking flights, ordering taxis, and even making investments.

Here is a day-in-the-life video of a typical We Chat user that demonstrates how its features have become essential in everyday life in China.

You can also register your credit cards onto LINE Pay to make quick and secure payments online without leaving the LINE app.

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It has become a simple and useful way of communicating between the online and offline world.Image | Kakao Friends Characters The ‘In-Chat Search’ feature allows users to search results on the web and share it all without having to leave the app.Users can search the dictionary, websites, web pages, and even the news.Stickers are purchased and downloaded through the LINE app and have become a fun and meaningful way for users to communicate.Through the LINE Creators Market, companies and users can now create, design, and sell their own stickers to other users around the world.

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