Thunderbird rss not updating speed dating amarillo

Thunderbird doesn't support the ability to download and read material offline.

It was requested in a Offline RSS/save feeds feature request bug report in 2005.

Guess I have another year of dealing with this ahead of me...

The "Great News RRS reader" and the free version of the Awasu feed reader support that.

Another possibility would be to convert a news feed to a ebook using Calibre, and read the ebook offline.

I have used Firefox for 15 years of continual changes, more and more of them being about what makes things easier for FIREFOX, and less easy for the actual Firefox users. Please provide a viable alternative to Firefox I can use while they either come to their senses about news feeds or lose me and other lifer users for life.

I will not update because I am afraid it will stop having this useful RSS after the update.

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