The fish dating

The women are ruder pickier nastier, act more entitled and just worse than 2015.

The lists of what you must face to qualify has gotten longer as has the demands such as MAKE ME LAUGH or ONLY SAY HI AND YOU' LL BE DELETED.

Instead, I was flooded (immediately) with sexually threatening messages.

I also got repeatedly accused (in very hostile fashion) of being a 'scammer' (just like on nll (niche dating site), zoosk etc.) - super offensive btw.

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So not only are they lying about how they look but how can they be on a site totally overloaded with men and not have found anyone???Guys, it's high time we get off the couch and ditch these types of sites!!If you're coming up empty handed it's not your fault.You want to get strict about your photo policies, that's fine, but I'm pretty sure only applying it to women is discrimination. Oh and here's some advice - if you want to weed out men that aren't serious or even literate (setting these parameters might leave you with a dozen or so males to choose from on the entire site) - filter your mail so they have to write 300 characters minimum for the message to go through at all.You might get less mail (these lazy men now treat ALL dating sites like Tinder...swiping and liking with zero effort put into messaging...character requirement or not), but you'll find that quality matters over quantity - although quite a few dullards wasted their word count by complaining about having to do something as outlandish as write an entire paragraph (oh the humanity! I guess anything more than 160 characters hurts some people's heads these days....

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