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In general, relationships were typically pretty dramatic because friends were always interfering or people didn’t know how to communicate when something went wrong.” This sounds familiar of what students say are typical high school dating experiences.Students have their own preferences that they choose to follow.As high school students, people do not always realize that there is a whole life ahead of them to find someone they truly love.They can be carried away by infatuation with a person, thinking that this infatuation is love.Some people may not want to be bogged down by a committed relationship as it may detract from other high school experiences. “There’s pros with both, but with long-term, there are fewer conflicts as you learn how to interact with one another,” said junior Angus O’Donnell Sophomore Matthew Rosselini said that he prefers short-term relationships because it’s “less commitment” and that he’s not really ready for that. On the other hand, junior classmate Maya Patel said, “I’d say long-term [is better] because I feel that if you establish a short-term relationship, it’s not as real.” Bowe added, “I never thought my relationships would go past high school until I was in a long-term one that lasted a little over a year, which is a long time in high school!I was so emotionally involved that I even thought we were going to get married.” As an adult, she said she now sees that it was “silly.” “When you’re in high school, it’s difficult to distinguish between true, lasting love and emotions running high,” Bowe said.You have to be able to work through problems together by communicating and being physically and emotionally present to each other.

“I think students are too eager to start dating, not necessarily sure if they truly like to be with that the person or not,” Coffey said.While some may be content with one or two boyfriends/girlfriends throughout high school, others are okay with dating around. There is also the whole dramatic aspect to relationships that Bowe mentioned.This is prevalent in almost any high school situation, especially when it comes to dating.“When you truly love somebody you do not ask for impossible things, but think about doing the impossible for the other person.Love is lack of selfishness and fullness of care,” she said.

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