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Since he started working with the child predator unit a few years ago, the detective said the kids he’s seen being targeted have gotten younger as more of them are now using social media and online chats.“These kids, younger and younger, have these pictures out there already,” the detective said.As it kept going, “I did exactly what any kid would say and said, ‘You’re being really annoying right now.’ And he got upset about that and said, ‘Do you want to see annoying?I’m going to upload your pic.’ Then, he follows through and said, ‘They’re on a porn site.’” The detective knew the man was bluffing.WTOP agreed to protect his identity because of the nature of his work.

Predators try to charm and pressure kids for suggestive or outright pornographic images.What’s popular with kids today is replaced by something else tomorrow.“Anytime you have something like Snapchat or Instagram that is wildly popular with kids, you are going to see it abused,” Burns said.“Through no fault of the app, it’s just the nature of it.Where kids are, predators will follow.” Conversations that begin on the internet or in various, random group chats on apps and smartphones can quickly escalate in ways that many kids simply aren’t prepared for.

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