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During the early-to-mid-1970s, ordering information on Baldwin-Motion cars was included in the large Motion Performance mail order catalogs.

Prior to the launch of Baldwin-Motion specialty cars in mid-1967, Joel Rosen and Jack Geiselman set numerous track, regional and national drag racing records with Motion Performance 289 and 427 Shelby Cobras.

A small number of modified, dual-four-barrel Z/30 small-block Green Meanie Camaros were built for sports car enthusiasts.He continued his winning ways into the mid-1970s with the legendary Motion Minicar NHRA H/Gas record-holding Thunderbug.Mitchell is best known for his Merlin performance engines.A total of approximately ten GT Corvettes (in addition to the prototype shown at the 1969 New York Auto Show) were built between 19.Exterior trim, including badging and paint, on SS and Phase III cars was unique.

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