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All of the boys' hats are removed and their hair is seen for an extended period during the shower room scene in "Lil' Crime Stoppers", although Kenny's head is only seen from behind.Stan also apparently has blue eyes, as noted by Kyle when Butters draws their cartoon forms in "A Very Crappy Christmas", but it's not known for sure because Kyle said it was similar because he had a sharper nose, so it could have been a mistake.In this episode he also gained possession of his own show (while trying to prove that cold reading was fake) and battled with John Edward in a "Psychic Showdown".He also showed some heroism in "Cherokee Hair Tampons" by stating he would gladly donate a kidney to Kyle, even if it "hurt a whole lot".Stan is often preachy and very critical of popular trends.This is evident in "Cherokee Hair Tampons", when he challenged the character Miss Information and her shop of alternative medicine, in "Super Best Friends", when he helped battle David Blaine's suicidal cult, and in "The Biggest Douche in the Universe" where he accuses the psychic medium, John Edward, of being a fake.In "Good Times with Weapons" he was portrayed with brown eyes.

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However, sometimes Kyle takes on this role, and it is Stan who is the gullible one, such as with the metrosexual trend in the episode "South Park is Gay! However, Stan is shown to have an overwhelmingly clearer understanding of scams and corporate corruption than anyone else in South Park, and has an especially good grasp of the dangers of cults.I only felt sorry for you because you didn't have any friends! You just use Manbearpig as a way of getting attention for yourself because you're a loser!" This doesn't affect Al Gore however; as he dons a cape and says he'll go and make a movie starring himself (An Inconvenient Truth).It is notable that he has a tendency to ridicule, make enemies out of, and/or bring to shame a very large number of celebrities that are shown in a poor light within the show.This may be because his father (Stan's major adult influence) has shown to be rather incompetent and immature, so Stan is suspicious and mistrustful of adults.

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