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However, if you dig deeper, you’ll be able to do much more while texting on Skype. Now hit the Change font button and customize it to your preference.If you noticed a typo in you last message just after hitting the Enter button, you may click the Up arrow and the message will appear back in the edit box.However, there are some emoticons which Skype developers will hardly ever make visible on the palette, because they refer to bad language or habits, some seasonal notions or just duplicate already visible smileys.To generate hidden emoticons, you just have to know and type the corresponding keyboard shortcuts in the brakets.To do this, in the Contacts view, simply right click on the person whose name you want to change and choose Rename….

The software doesn’t provide too much text customization on the surface.Most of us use the tool not knowing about the half of its nice features. The common emoticons list can be accessed by clicking on the smiley at the top of the compose message box.Let’s have a look at some hidden Skype options which will save you a lot of time and make your communication more productive or cheerful. Almost every new software version brings some new pieces to the set.All you need is to select a contact or group, start a call, click the “ ” button on the taskbar, and select Share screens.You may get up to 10 people together on a Skype call and share your screen with everyone. Today people hold a great deal of webinars and trainings via Skype and use special tools to save the videos. To publish the resulted video onto a website, it’s indispensable to optimize it from MP4 to Web M, the format developed especially for video streaming. Click Call forwarding options and tick Forward my calls to.

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