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Don't wait more, and publish your own ad, it's free!You will find everything you want and in your own town.This time last year I was cruising the cobbled streets of Istanbul, taking in the sights, the smells and the sounds of the call to prayer.However, this time I have decided to stick around Kiev and take in the atmosphere of this bustling, beautiful city through 'rested' eyes that can finally stay awake long enough to appreciate what is right outside my apartment roomate, Maria and me en-route to the wedding!

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Unfortunately, most of the population and synagogues were wiped out by a pogrom in WWI and the holocaust in WWII.

BERDICHEVPart of a wall that was used during the war; it sits on a hill and overlooks the river and town of Berdichev. Music school (a converted Carmelite Convent)Music school (former convent)Teachers at the music school: The one of the far left was named Nikolai.

Terry Fox run in Kiev To start off our fall break, I attended my first Ukrainian wedding (a marriage between 2 Americans) which included amazing food at a Ukrainian restaurant and a live Ukrainian band.

It was the most fun I'd had at a wedding in nearly 20 years (also the first one i've been to since then).

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