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Do he has to stay single for as long as he promote as an idol? If we can have a life as a human, so can our idols. Therefore, the woman will get many backlash compared to the man.

Regardless if the woman is an idol, actress, model or noncelebrity, they will receive more hate from the fans.

However, I changed my mind when I started seeing him on “Shinhwa Broadcast.” I liked how he was a little shy and awkward, but eager to entertain. Not only is he handsome, talented, and oh my gawd his body is off the hook, but he seems like a genuinely good guy. I don’t remember coming across any fanfic that didn’t have in that specific role, except sometimes he would have a dead ex-girlfriend he just couldn’t get over. Call Me N00NA is an editor at Soompi who got really distracted watching this, this, and this.

There was also something about seeing him get frustrated at the other members, but helplessly so. The only scandal that he has ever been in is when he admitted he got his nose done, but he announced it in this humble and good-natured way, so it doesn’t even count. This is my ranking of the Shinhwa members, would you change it? She loves Shinhwa and hopes they last until they’re old grandpas who rock the stage in their walkers and dentures.

How many idol groups do you know who has put out a nude photo book, had their own variety show, and has one of the most respected fandoms in the K-Pop world? From the very beginning you were the overshadowed youngest one; the odd sixth member.

Shinhwa is incomparable, yet they hold a very high standard for all idol groups to follow with their hard working ethics, mutual respect, and talent. It didn’t help when you mysteriously disappeared for the fourth album, when the group was a balanced five member group (three singers, two rappers).

Perhaps it is because my idol is at the marriage age.To me, Jun Jin was more like a drama character than anyone else. Everything about him is so smooth and velvety, I wouldn’t be surprised if he just has peach fuzz all over his body. I would stare at this picture and wonder how something so perfect could exist.He is handsome and successful, funny and charismatic, yet has this sad childhood lingering in his adult life. I could listen to his voice all day, and one day I hope to have his song playing while I look sadly out a window on a rainy day. He may seem effeminate but it’s also kind of funny to watch him boss around Eric and get offended when they tease him. My personal experience aside, Lee Min Woo is also extremely charismatic, a great dancer, a decent singer and rapper, and really handsome (his acting wasn’t awful either).Then, the next thing that came to my mind was poor Dongwan.His knee injury news was being overshadowed by Eric’s dating news. People are more attracted to celebrities dating news.

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