Shiksas guide to dating jewish

In short, these guys had pretty much nothing in common except that they were ultimately not right for me—and they were all Jewish.

I always knew, just knew, that I wanted a Jewish family: to knock myself out preparing the Seder; to see my kids’ faces glowing in the Hanukkah candles.

They’re Jewish men – and Grish, a 29- year-old Presbyterian who lives in the West Village, is so enamored of them she’s written a whole book extolling their worthiness as partners for women like her. The Shiksa’s Guide to Dating Jewish Men” throws “shiksa love” – in which Jewish men have historically chased after WASP blondes for status – into reverse.

Under chapter titles like “You Probably Won’t Meet Him in Wyoming” and “The First Shtup,” Grish, who claims 18 to 20 flings with tribesmen under her J.

Crew belt, covers topics like dealing with his mom and handling a Holy Day.

A few months ago, Grish was chatting with an acquaintance when the woman asked what her book was about.

“I love my mom, but we don’t all necessarily think of dating our mom. ” Not surprisingly, critics of shiksa chic tend to be Jewish women.

But in terms of marriage, my mother would be fabulous. “Maybe these women like them for superficial reasons, and that’s annoying,” says Kimberly Temner, a 26-year-old publicist who lives in New York.

And Sara Schwimmer, founder of the site, reports that “Shiksa” Tshirts are selling like latkes at Hanukkah.” let me add this: I can guarantee you that my father has folded, never crumpled, the paper since the day he was born.Which, ahem, was about 30 years before he converted to Judaism.‘THEY feed your mind and your appetite,” writes author Kristina Grish, “and they’re the ultimate caretakers without a hint of machismo.They’re also generous and thoughtful, thanks to a matriarchal culture that’s taught them to appreciate women’s strength, candor, humor and intelligence.” Should you be lucky enough to bed one of them, “brace yourself for a passionate performance.” Just who are these red-hot sizzling sex machines?

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