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If you were in the room with me right now, what would you do with me? Then Charli takes out a few toys: a small one and a big one.

Charli does get that big toy deep inside her pussy. Clearly, Charli has come a long way from her life as a Mormon wife married to a guy who was wound a bit too tight. "I didn't know anything other than the way I was raised.

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You little perv." He tries to explain himself, but she doesn't want to hear explanations.

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She's a 56-year-old woman whose previous marriages were so unsatisfying sexually, she had no idea where to turn. Nobody's home--her hubby and kids are away--so she peeks under the sheets and likes what she sees: a big, black cock. "It started out as the fact that I have a really great libido, and I tended to want sex more than my partners until I met my husband and we became swingers," Charli said "He's as much a sex addict as I am. The 56-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from Idaho is wearing a short, tight, red dress that shows a lot of cleavage; her tits are DDD-cups, and they're on display. "I'm new at this, so forgive me if I seem a little like I don't know what I'm doing," she says.

"I think I was just always this way, but I had to hide it," Charli said. He let me out of my cage, and I couldn't get back in." In this video, Charli tip-toes into the room where her son's best friend is fast asleep, morning wood tenting the sheets. She's making her fantasy come true by being here, fucking on-camera for all the world to see. Her ex-husbands are probably still wound too tight to watch this. He wants to tell all his buddies." Maybe Charli and her hubby will fuck while they watch this scene. Adams will invite his friends over to watch the scene and they'll fuck Charli while hubby watches. When this video opens, Charli Adams is standing in a bedroom.

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