Sex dating in thomson illinois

Marcus Thompson found her on the streets of Madison, Illinois and decided to prey on her vulnerability.

Thompson also took steps to impede any attempts to res-cue the girl.The court found that Thompson's ap-parent cognitive difficulties did not prevent him from ob-taining a commercial driver's license, discerning right from wrong, or operating a successful (albeit sordid) business venture. Third, it was not error to find that Thompson threatened the victim with force.And as for Thompson's childhood adversity—namely, his mother's drug abuse and father's incarceration—Thompson has not shown how he is different from so many other criminal defendants who have been punished for their crimes. Indeed, Thompson admitted as much by conceding the truth of the facts in his presentence report, which states that Thompson twice threatened the victim.Moreover, throughout the entire process, Thompson never once hesi-tated or sought clarification.These facts show that he know-ingly and voluntarily pled guilty. 2007) (noting that a district court may consider “information contained in the [presentence report] to establish a factual basis before entry of judgment and imposition of sentence”).

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