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For those interested in building sex chatbots (and you can build all kinds of chatbots for free at, my advice is not to strive for a dominant / submissive relationship between human and software but instead to turn to erotic literature for inspiration in establishing the right atmosphere.

Do a quick online search for ‘sex chatbots’ and you will probably be left somewhat frustrated with the inauthentic, uninspiring experiences that are available.

We enjoy remain bounded by the limits of human meaning and human design.

Through a preventable, global desire for convenience by way of technology, my desires for consensual powerlessness remain, for the time being, tied to humanity.

A submissive sex chatbot plays into the projection of a helpful, attentive and malleable female companion.

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Between a human and a sex chatbot the exchange of power does not flow so smoothly. Sexbot: Sit still, my play thing, and do what I say. Designing a chatbot that is programmed to respond to the user with expressions of a dominant sexual personality does not make for a fulfilling dominant-submissive relationship. My dominant sexbot does not independently acknowledge concepts of power or through its own will accept power, express it, or return it.

You may begin with a conversation to establish the preferences of the user, and then illustrate the setting and use language that appeals to all of their senses.

Remember, the responsibility of physically experiencing pleasure lies with the user.

Two hands lifted away her cape, two others checked the clasp on her wristbands and descended inspectingly down over her buttocks.

These hands were not gloved, and one of them simultaneously penetrated in two places – so brusquely that she let out a cry. It’s the small, easy to miss, details that stimulate our imaginations and draw our minds into the experience.

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