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He applied his scholastic- knowledge to good use by teaching in the schools of Virginia for a period of about two years, and in the early '50s he located in the southeastern part of Indiana, where he remained about four years. Lane came to Kansas and numbered himself among the pioneers of Wyandotte county.He located at Quindaro and assisted in the laying out of the town, in which he was one of the first settlers and where he was concerned with various lines of endeavor.Six children were born to the union, Willi elmina Louis. The family is Catholic in religion, prominent in church as well as social life in Rosedale.Joseph Francis ' Drake, who is most successfully conducting a fruit farm on his finely improved estate of fifty acres, conveniently located three miles distant from Bethel, Kansas, is a citizen of promi- nence and influence in Wyandotte county, where he has resided for the past, forty years.

He left the parental roof tree when sixteen years of age and set forth to make for himself a place in connec- tion with the economic activities of life.

He arrived in 1868 and located first in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he re- sided for about twelve years. 1\ coming to Kansas and locating in Wyandotte county.

lie made his livelihood at first by acting as coachman for various wealthy families and in a short time became familiar with the language and the customs of the country of which he had become a citizen. He was favor- ably impressed with Quindaro township, where he purchased some forty- two acres of land.

He has made such additions and now is the pos- sessor of one of the finest homes in the county, but not only is his house beautiful in design and perfect in appointment, but he has put up out- buildings that harmonize with it. Prom- holtz devotes most of his land to the cultivation of grapes and fruits of all kinds, to which his farm is particularly adapted. Promholtz enjoys has a right to con- gratulate himself, but when we realize that everything he has and is, is the result of his own diligent efforts, we feel that he lias every reason to be proud of his achievements.

His cow barns and dairy sheds are as attractive, as such, as is the more pretentious residence. His fellow citizens showed their appreciation of his sterling character and proved abilities by electing him to the office, he is filling in the most satisfactory manner. Fromholtz's advent into the county, he married Miss Amelia Bngles, daughter of William and Wilhelmina Engles. Louis, the eldest son, is assist- ing his father with the work of the farm.

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