Sean william scott dating

In fact, when he shipped off to Hollywood, he didn't even have his sights set on the world of comedy.

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He then joked, "That doesn't answer my question, but I think there were some drugs involved." He also said that his parents were "fans of Sean Connery," which still has no bearing on the spelling since his first name just has the one 'n.' Conan summed it up well by saying, "Doesn't sound like a lot of thought went into it." "Zero thought," Scott agreed.Scott was inspired to become an actor while working at the local theater. He also worked as a guest co-host on Live with Regis and Kelly' and played Steve Stifler in the American Pie series.Seann William Scott engaged Victoria’s secret model, Lindsay Frimodt on March 20, 2012.Currently, William Scoot is possibly single as no news of him having girlfriend or affairs had been made so far. The series was given a pilot production commitment this past summer, but no word yet if it has been picked up.

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