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Seek out the assistance of a good therapist to help you sort it all out.Otherwise, you’re at risk of repeating the same mistakes and/or choosing wrong, yet again.Hating your ex-apouse is almost addictive, it can become engrained, slowly poisoning your mind and body.The body can’t discern the difference between past or present hurt, so it simply hurts.You can check out our article on Romance Scams and the Dark Side of Dating After Divorce for details.

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Take a breather, and be on your own two feet for a bit. A new relationship may make you feel better at first, but be aware it could just be a crutch- an easy way of avoiding the plethora of feelings swirling around your psyche whenever you are alone.Dating too eagerly early-on can lead to ‘settling’ and possibly another failed relationship. There are good ones out there, just as there are bad ones.Just because you may have been married to real a P. Often, you’ll have to ‘kiss a lot of frogs’ to find the good ones.Conversely, it takes two to tango, some of what went wrong in your marriage was your own fault, and you need to own it.After a divorce, you may feel like a pent-up prisoner who has just been freed and is ready to rage. Friends of friends can make the best date material. Ask your friends if they know anyone on the market who would be good for you.

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