Regular expression validator not validating

Furthermore, these characters can be metacharacters means if you make a combination of characters then it will be converted into meta-characters.

The following table summarizes the commonly used syntax constructs for regular expressions: The Custom Validator control allows writing application specific custom validation routines for both the client side and the server side validation.

So, if an end-user turns Java Script off, then it can easily submit and bypass input on the browser server side.

Also, the Client Side event cannot prevent your web-application from inappropriate dangerous attacks on server database and their resources.

It is recommended that the Server side event is more SECURE than Client-side event. Although, the client-side events only verify the user input data for range and type. This control event does not perform any validation but it shows all errors on the webpage instead of individual control event.

There is six type of validation control methods as follows. As a result, this control shows the input values of the “Error Message” property of all controls that denied validation in the webpage.

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