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Even as all the novels feature the lead protagonist Rebecca Franck as the investigative journalist, they can be read as standalones.Nonetheless, most of the novels are written in sequence with some being sequels.There, she was signed to Irving Azoff's label, Giant Records, and recorded her first album, Nobody's Angel.The title track was released on a compilation album and made it to No. Her vocals can be heard on numerous soundtracks such as Sin City, Streets of Legend, Man on Fire, and Mia Sarah.The Rebecca Franck series is a series of horror mysteries by renowned by bestselling fantasy, paranormal romance, horror, mystery, and suspense author, also known as scream queen Willow Rose.The first novel in the series was the 2011 published “One, Two …Now considered a star reporter rather than a simple journalist, the two journalist investigate all kinds of murder mysteries that seem to always happen in their vicinity.

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Rebecca Franck the lead protagonist in the series is a Danish journalist from the small town of Karrebaeksminde.

What is intriguing about the series of novels is the sense of hopelessness and terror that nearly every novel’s protagonist evokes.

Right from the very first novel in the series where Rebecca has to leave a psychopathic husband behind to protect her daughter to taking a vacation that soon turns deadly, the novels are a roller coaster ride of thrills and terror in equal measure.

What she believed would be a quiet existence soon turns into one of the most exciting if not horrifying experiences in her life as she deals with a series of murder mysteries over the course of the series.

Over the course of the novels, Rebecca Franck also gets to work with Sune a photojournalist with whom she becomes best friends with.

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