Prince william and kate secretly dating

Prince William’s search for his sister could also backfire in his face, because technically she is the rightful heir to the throne, and eight months older than him – which will not go over well with his family, or the people of Great Britain?

What do you think of the twisted story of William’s secret sister Sarah? If she does, should Prince William and Kate Middleton let her continue her low-key life?

The doctors on the Royal Family’s medical staff supposedly extracted Diana’s eggs and fertilized them with Prince Charles’s sperm to confirm that the two lovebirds would be able to have children.

However, after the shady and then experimental procedure was completed, one of the doctor’s went rogue and stole Diana’s fertilized egg and implanted it in his wife.

He went on to add that she also suffered the “public ignominy of a very public split with her prince in 2007”, before revealing “they had split up a couple of times before that too”.

However, Mr Jobson went on to say: “Every time the power of their love, like a magnet, had pulled them back to each other."One of the couple’s “breaks” occurred after the Duchess was left “humiliated” by the Prince’s partying habits.

The pair dated for eight years before taking the next step into marriage.

During their youth, the couple endured a very public split in 2007, which was highly documented by the press.

However, the British socialite is said to have “had no aspirations to date a prince in spite of his amorous advances” and William lit his romance with Kate shortly thereafter.

Or should he verify that she is his sister, and if so do right by her?

We've seen a lot of Kate Middleton's marriage with Prince William, and obsessed over Prince Harry's romance with Meghan Markle, but we don't know much about Kate and Harry's relationship as in-laws.

Take a look at their sweet moments through the years below.

The biographer describes the “short-sighted” behavior of the prince with his girlfriend and claims that William was a “wayward and willful” friend.

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