Pretending busy dating

He said he really enjoyed this green juice drink, I raved about instant frozen rice that was perfect in three minutes. I beat him at finishing our respective drinks, and I was sipping mine… I don’t think I will ever be best friends with mine (thought I would want to be, are there rules against that?

), but I leave there after ever session feeling recharged, rejuvenated and armed with realizations and tools to truly make my own life better each day. When you have the wrong one, it feels unsettling, like you lost the last piece of a 500 piece puzzle.

But for the most part, a lot of people's stories follow a similar pattern. If I wasn't into the person anymore, pretending to be busy made my lack of communication easier to explain without getting too involved in the conversation. It's more about that gut feeling you have at the very beginning — you know, the one you try to dismiss because you think you're just being paranoid.

I feel like it's my personal duty to share with you this pattern. It's the one your friends try to silence because you're just "overthinking" things.

Maybe he's not texting quite as much as he used to. Maybe he'll be "apologetic" about how MIA he's been, and then remind her how much he likes her. They keep talking sporadically for a little bit longer and, without fail, she eventually notices an even more dramatic change than the one before: He just blatantly stops talking to her. After about the 40th story submission following this same exact narrative, I felt as though it was my duty to warn you guys.

Maybe he'll even go into detail about what it is that's making him busy.

It stings right now, sometimes to the point where you want to throw up, but we all know it gets better and then eventually you know it was for the better. We grew up in San Diego, home of the dirty taco shop in a strip mall, and this guy was trying to tell me he doesn’t like burritos. I was starting to think all he ate was Wonder Bread. So, I ignored that too, and chatted on, relieved we had a comedy show in our future.

Overdressed, We drank girlie drinks at a cookie cutter restaurant. Then we sunned the next day, ate ice cream on the coffee shop patio, and chatted it up with girlfriends.

“The silver lining about the guy thing is that it’s better to have someone show you they want out now rather than not have the guts to do it and then tell you in three more years. ” We swapped likes and dislikes, career and family info, and he ordered sweet and spicy shrimp as an appetizer.

How much drunk and sun can one group of people take?

The most superb people watching at ASVT, and if I am not regretting the weekend, those girls most definitely are. We answered a ringing pay phone, dissed a bar because of their cover, and danced in the windows of the club.

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