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However, the role of various predators has often remained unclear.We conducted a study with artificial nests and wildlife cameras ( = 104) in agricultural landscapes during 2015–2016 in South Finland.Even in a best case scenario, where dividing the predators into mammals and birds was possible, a great deal of uncertainty would still exist in the interpretation of which predator was first at the nest. () noted that nests were fairly often visited by several predators, and they thus had to classify these nests as having been predated by unknown predators.Several authors conducting experiments with cameras have concluded that nest cues are unreliable for identifying predators (Larivière ) elucidates how the use of cameras in nest predation studies has increased in recent years.Our trials formed a 400-m wide gradient from forest to field.

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In addition to the native species, several invasive alien predators are also present, e.g., the raccoon (). For example, Finnish hunting bag statistics show an enormous increase in raccoon dog numbers: during the last 20 years, the raccoon dog hunting bag has increased over threefold (1996: 61,000, 2016: 212,000; LUKE ).

Based on earlier studies (e.g., Angelstam ), we hypothesize that avian and mammalian predators predate nests in different parts of our study zone.

Moreover, (3) the use of wildlife cameras enables us to identify the primary animals visiting our artificial nests and even the secondary predators, i.e., predators that visit the nest after the actual primary predator.

The majority of fields are plowed during October and sown again in May.

Grasslands are also common to be used for feed production and grazing as well as set-a-side land. Mammalian predators include the red fox (; in five study areas).

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