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It is all a matter of not losing face, so in public I let him take the lead.

Filipino men, in general, are not very fond of eating Western food. My boyfriend introduced me to the world of street-food and eateries and took me away from the resort restaurants with the endless Western-based Filipino food, burgers and pizza. Their culture makes them more indecisive on matters.

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Filipino’s like to keep up appearances that they can’t control their lady.

They desire to be the head of the household as well as a strong man in public.

When you are a strong independent woman that can be nerve-wracking.

Ask your guy what he wants to order for food he will certainly say: it’s up to you, while his eyes already made the choice.

Filipino men do admire and respect an intelligent lady in their hearts, however, you need to ensure that when you are with your man in public areas, you appear to be the submissive one, the one to ask him and he is the one to decide.Some parts of an animal are not eaten in the Western Society while here that part is considered a delicacy. You strong Filipina’s are in for a lot of arguments. And they will argue with you endlessly to get it their way.Western guys usually are very liberal about sex and experimenting in the bed.Western guys are outspoken and have a no-nonsense attitude, for example, they will not be impressed by the silent treatment.They actually get pretty annoyed by it and will ignore you likewise until ‘you shape up’. If they have a problem that involves you they will tell you straight up.

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