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Just look at his sarcastic responses to recent You viewers romanticizing Joe, because what's a little murder when his hair falls just so, right?

(In Badgley's own words, he views the show as a "litmus test to see the mental gymnastics that we're still willing to perform on a cultural level, to love an evil white man.") Please enjoy this brief rundown of how Badgley has spent his 2019, at least on Twitter, so far.

And it's something he still struggles with now, even if he's learned to cope with the cameras and interest in his personal life better after he began stuffing the Bahá'í faith following his final XOXO sign-off as Gossip Girl."I'm really grateful for [the notoriety], but also, you struggle with things," he admitted to People.

If people want to see the similarities and focus on them, that's fine, because they're there.I have nothing against television, but I'm done."Fast-forward five years and he's now the Internet's unwilling boyfriend again, thanks to 's premiere."I definitely had to question if I wanted to keep doing what I've been doing.But I'm excited—I think."He continued, "When it comes to the fame side of things, I don't think anybody, whether they're famous or not, could claim to understand that phenomenon or have any sort of power over it.So I'm just cautious and careful."And sure, Badgley was excited about the conversation You could potentially provoke and the dialogue it was encouraging its audience to have, there was the whole possibility of becoming very famous again to consider.

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