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It’s also best not to put too much pressure on your boyfriend.

Immense pressure can cause even more nervousness that can lead to awkward silences and forced conversation. Pressuring him to fit a perfect mold doesn’t help anything.

Plus, if you’re afraid to let your boyfriend be himself when he meets your parents, you should think about why you’re even dating him,” says Grace Scarella, a senior at Gonzaga University.

Follow the House Rules: If your boyfriend is staying at your house, follow your parents’ rules.

HC knows you’re smart enough not to share a bed with him if your parents aren’t cool with it, but if they give rules like a curfew, listen to them and come home on time.

If you decide to break your parents’ rules, guess who they’ll banish from your house…your boyfriend.

Tell him about your parents and what their personalities are like, their quirks and hobbies.

Tell him about what they do for a living, what your family does together, so that can prepare – just like you did[ when you met his parents.

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Patti Feinstein offers a coaching service based on her experience of introducing and coaching numerous clients in the dating industry.If your dad is a football fan, and your boyfriend is too, let him know so he can use it as an icebreaker.Do your boyfriend a favor by also clueing him in on conversation topics (like politics and religion) he should stay away from, but also by letting him know where your parents stand on certain issues.Even if he and they agree on a controversial issue, it’s still a good idea to stay away from those topics says Feinstein.Controversial topics run the risk of dominating the conversation, which then prevents your parents from actually getting to know your boyfriend.

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