Out service gay military dating

But the friends are allowed to stay over with Ethan when he’s at the home of his mother, White’s ex-wife. It’s a rural county school, almost entirely white and deeply conservative.

In science class one day, White says, a teacher stressed that marriage was strictly between a man and a woman.

It took Jones two tries to pass the Navy’s punishing physical, psychological and emotional tests to qualify as a SEAL, a unit so elite that at least three-quarters of applicants wash out.They care about your soul, but they just don’t know any better.’”Jones is accustomed to rejection.When he was in high school, his mother, a devout Christian, overheard his phone conversation with a gay friend. But they knew.“My mom told me homosexuals go straight to hell,” Jones says.The two men are parents to Ethan, a precocious 13-year-old known in the flat, clay and pine country as the only kid in school with two gay dads.The first openly gay SEAL has built a new life here at age 41 with a family that has replaced the two families he lost — the one that raised him and the one he built with fellow SEALs.

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